Shining A Light On Acne Treatments

Acne is a frustrating and distressing condition, which delights in attacking when people are often feeling vulnerable.  Caused by a combination of blocked pores, over production of natural skin oils and proliferation of naturally occurring bacteria, acne can be triggered for various reasons.  The most common time in life to experience the condition is adolescence – but it can occur at other times of life.  Hormonal changes – particularly increased production of testosterone – are one cause of the condition, while stress can also play a part.  At best acne is frustrating, but at worst it can cause low self-esteem and in some extreme cases considerable psychological distress. 

Traditional Approaches

Treatments include a range of creams and even hormonal therapies, which have been found to be effective in many cases.  However, they can cause further skin problems and hormonal treatments have on occasion been found to have side effects, both long and short term.  Some of the latest innovations in treatment for acne include the use of light therapy treatments.  The beauty of these treatments are that they do not cause other adverse effects on the skin, are easy to use and do not require lengthy treatments to achieve very positive results.

Advanced Technology

Blue light treatments are a simple and straightforward solution.  By directing ‘blue’ light at the skin, the bacteria that cause acne are killed.  The light treatment does not affect surrounding areas and does not cause damage or irritation to the surrounding tissue or skin.  The treatment does not use harmful UV light – which makes it a very safe form of light treatment which has been used in the United States for several years.  Handheld devices are available for home treatment and these are simple and easy to use.  Only six minutes exposure per day is required – this can be broken down into two 3 minute periods and the results can be outstanding.  Reports have shown that in a matter of just a couple of weeks a 70 per cent reduction in acne can be achieved. 

Clinical Costs

Clinical light treatments are available – but at considerable cost.  This means that the introduction of the new handheld, home use technology will allow more people to access the benefits that blue light therapy for acne can offer.  This type of therapy not only reduces acne but has been shown in trials to reduce the severity of acne outbreaks when they do occur and to benefit the skin in general.  Perhaps the biggest plus for many users is the ability to eliminate not only acne, but the use of acne medications.  Drugs can often be effective at clearing acne, but they also can result in side effects while some creams can cause skin to dry out and cause additional skin irritation.  Blue light treatment is not only effective at treating acne but eliminates these side effects as well.

Taking Control of the Condition

While acne can affect us during our vulnerable teenage years it can also be a long term recurring condition that often flares up during times of stress or as a result of other health conditions.  Blue light therapy is a safe treatment that can be used to manage and control acne, leaving sufferers to get on with their lives without additional irritation. 

Acne is an irritating condition, in more than one way.  Even some traditional treatments can leave you feeling sore.  Today’s advances in blue light therapy for acne, may leave you thinking that feeling blue has a whole new meaning.  

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