Identifying If Accutane Is the Right Acne Treatment For Acne

Accutane essentially is a vitamin A derivative that is swallowed orally in tablet form. Accutane is also known as “Roaccutane” and also as “Isotretinon” and was originally first developed in 1979. When Accutane was first seen, it was only prescribed for patients with very severe skin disorders but within the previous quarter century, it has become increasingly more common as a prescription for treatment for mild to severe acne and even for less severe forms of skin inflammation.

Here are some of the top reasons why Accutane is an effective treatment for severe acne:

• One of the characteristics of acne is inflammation and Accutane helps to reduce the amount of inflammation which is very effective against acne.

• The rate that our bodies produce skin cells inside the pores is significantly reduced, which aids in the pores from being suppressed and clogged with dead skin cells. One of the main contributing factors of acne developing is a clog engendered by prolific sebum, dead skin cells, and bacteria.

• When the body prolifically creates sebum, acne is much more prone to develop and Accutane address that issue by dramatically sizing down the size of sebum glands. This is a very powerful result of using Accutane as a treatment and greatly decreases the amount of acne.

• With a decreased supply of sebum, bacteria is also likely to decrease which mitigates acne since bacteria usually feeds on sebum in the pores.

accutaneAccutane when used a treatment potentially creates the possibility that acne counter-intuitively worsens. But statistics attest that approximately 95% of patients who use Accutane as a treatment will see dramatic results regardless of whether it is anti-inflammatory or inflammatory acne.

The reason why your acne is initially worsening in the initial treatment of Accutane is because the body takes time in adjusting to the treatment. The prescription should just be followed accordingly and a communicative relationship with your physician is encouraged.

Should you seek Accutane as a treatment for acne, be sure to take note that Accutane does come with numerous side effects that you should be aware of. Despite being able to significantly decrease and assuage acne conditions, it is a very serious alternative that could lead to depression and possibly even suicide for some patients. Be sure to inform your physician of any conditions that you may have that can be affected by Accutane such as heart disease, diabetes, liver infection, and asthma. …Resource

Natural Acne Cure Vs Accutane

While Accutane promises to heal acne it comes with a high risk for side effects, natural acne treatments promise clearer skin along with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Many acne sufferers turn to harsh acne treatments that cause their skin to peel, making them look like walking cabbages. There are a number of OTC and prescription acne treatments that can be used to achieve quick through temporary relief from acne, that also carry side effects that can make acne worse. The truth is, visible effects of acne treatments that can include risky ingredients such as Accutane are not permanent. Accutane is a disputatious acne treating ingredient that has been used for years to treat severe cases of acne. A derivative of vitamin A, it is prescribed to patients that have not responded to other acne treatments. Similar to other OTC and prescription treatment options, Accutane provides relief from surface acne, not from the root cause of acne. The more bothersome issue is that Accutane has been found to cause mortifying and widespread side effects that cause serious health threats.

What is Accutane

Accutane is also known as Roaccutane or Isotretinoin was discovered back in 1979. Aside from being used to treat acne, it can also be found treatments for lichen planus, lupus, psoriasis and other skin conditions offering varying degrees of relief. Initially it was prescribed for patients that had moderate to severe acne and it drastically and permanently cleared the skin. People that have not responded well to a complete course of antibiotics and acne remedies such as prescription medicine and over the counter gels, lotions and creams typically are given Accutane. The prescription is typically given in the early course of the skin condition in an attempt to prevent and minimize any scarring. Accutane has transformed the treatment of acne. While the effectiveness and vigor of the ingredient cannot be disputed, there is concern over the damaging effects especially if the product is used for a long period of time.

How Does Accutane Work?

The structure of Accutane is very similar to that of Vitamin A. Its classification is as a retinoid, which work to alter DNA transcriptions. This ability makes it effective in reducing the output as well as the size of the sebaceous glands, making them not as sticky so that they slough off bacteria that typically cause whiteheads and blackheads to form. It also works as an antibiotic, getting rid of the bacteria that is on the skin that causes breakouts.

At the cellular level, Accutane encourages healing in four different ways. The first is the reduction to the size to the sebaceous glands by 30 to 60 percent. This decreases the amount oil that is produced by almost 80%. A more controlled oil production decreases the likelihood of infections and breakouts, also reducing the presences of acne causing bacteria. It also works to slow the production of new skin cells in the pores, this helps to decrease the likelihood of clogs which can lead to acne. Finally, it works as an anti-inflammatory agent to lessen the swelling and the irritation that is caused by forming acne.

Accutane Comes with a Number of Health Risks

Accutane is available only under a special program called iPLEDGE. You must be registered in the program and sign documents stating that you understand the dangers of this medication and that you agree to use birth control as required by the program

Typically in the first few months patients will notice drastic improvements in the condition of their skin. Those who complete an entire regimen of accutane can partly or totally get rid of this skin condition and set forth long term remission of their acne. A relapse is dependent on the Accutane dose that was used. Long term use has been found to cause severe long term side effects and in some cases lifetime side effects. Though incredible effective and potent in treating acne, the potential side effects are horrific and sometimes make acne worse. Daily use can eliminate acne, the issue of a relapse presents itself once the product is no longer used.

Accutane is what is known as a systemic medication, meaning that it impacts multiple parts of the body. Recent research discovered that its use has caused widespread side effects that go from mild to reversible to life threatening. These symptoms include dryness of the skin as well as multiple health issues impacting everything from the top of your head to the end of your toe nails. There are also issues with bowel inflammation and pain, slow wound healing GI problems, sensitivity to the sun, nausea, skin peeling, extreme tiredness and dry skin and mucosal membranes, though these are less common they are still possible. The FDA also states that Accutane has been linked to depression, suicidal thoughts and tendencies and psychosis. It is not recommend for women that are trying to become pregnant or are pregnant as it can cause irreversible defects to the baby and possibly cause a miscarriage.

The truth is that Accutane is the last resort in acne treatment and is only given to those with severe cases of acne. Before a person is given a prescription for Accutane they are asked to sign a waiver which states they are aware of all the possible side effects and dangers associated with taking the medication and should they get any of them the only person that can be held responsible is the person taking the medication.

Why Are Natural Cures Better

If you have been informed that the only cure for your acne is continual use of OTC or prescription medications such as Accutane don’t give up. There isn’t a pill or cream that can help you get rid of acne for life. The root cause of acne generally stems from poor health decision or exposure to harmful environmental elements, in order for a treatment regimen to be effective it has to go beyond a topical or oral remedy.

The skin is a reflection of health. If your skin is prone to frequent breakouts, it is a sign that internally you need to address what is going on. It can also be a signal that your defense against elements that cause skin conditions is weak. This means that your health is the key to completely getting rid of acne forever.

accutane do not get pregnantThe most effective treatment is one that is natural, free of any drugs and holistic in the way it treats the acne. It should help to clean up the body from the inside out. It is the healthy combination of cleansing diets, detoxes that can help to return the inside of the body to a cleaner state which promotes natural healing. Natural remedies also teach you how to use plants, herbs and fruits to create skin cleansing concoctions that are drug free but effective and practically side effect free. Limiting the amount of fat in your diet while increasing the amount of fiber you consume helps to promote healthy elimination through the bowels and the kidneys which will help get rid of the toxins that are in the body.

Natural acne treatment options provide a better way to have clear, smooth and soft acne free skin. …Resource

How Accutane Dry Skin Suffering Can Be Alleviated Using an All Natural Organic Moisturizing Balm

Acne breakouts are a common problem in both teenagers and adults. For most of them, their acne problems can be treated with a daily skin care routine and over the counter medication, however, this doesn’t work for everyone.

Accutane is a medication that can cause several side effects. One such side effect is dry skin.

Up to 90% of Accutane users get chapped lips and up to 80% get dry and/or itchy skin. If you are currently using Accutane and experiencing more acute symptoms, consult with your doctor about the appropriate treatment. As with any type of dry skin, moisturizing is the key to combat the dry skin side effects caused by accutane.

Your skin moisturizer may have to be thick and creamy, but this will depend on your skin type. You don’t have to restrain yourself to applying moisturizer twice a day, in fact, you can moisturize dry skin as many times as you see fit.

Dry skin relief also depends on a good moisturizing routine. More than likely, Accutane will be part of a treatment that includes a cleansing regimen, so right after washing your face, pat it dry and apply your moisturizer.

To keep the moisture locked into the surface of your skin, do not let the water evaporate before you put on your moisturizer. When the water evaporates from your skin, it takes some of the skin’s natural moisture along with it.

Other situations that are out of your control are the lack of moisture in the air or cold climates, nevertheless, however there are a few things you can do. By lowering the setting on your thermostat or air conditioner you will help conserver the humidity in the air.

Stay away from open flames and try not to stand in front of the oven for too long. Both of these situations cause dry out your skin. Leaving the kitchen periodically during the cooking process can help reduce your chances of drying out.

As for colder weather, make sure that you bundle up before going outside. Make sure that you protect your neck, face, and legs from the cold. To keep warm without exposing yourself to excessively high temperatures, sip warm beverages.

Sipping water is also an ideal way of keeping your skin moisturized. If you prefer to drink soda drinks instead of water, keep in mind that they are known to dehydrate your skin. Coffee is also a dehydrating beverage, so try to moderate its intake. …Resource


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