Keeping Your Skin Looking Good Over The Holiday Season

The vacation season is really a time for large meals, comfort foods and overindulgence at the dining room table. Folks wish to look much better than ever for that annual family picture, but eating those rich foods will make you feel or look much less than your very best.

Q: A hot mug of coffee can be a cure for a chilly winter morning, but can drinking caffeinated drinks intensify dark under-eye circles?

A: No. If anything, caffeine may well actually decrease swelling and inflammation and help make the dark under-eye circles much less visible. You’ll find products out there that promote the antioxidant gains of the coffeeberry and that are advertised to help reduce these dark under-eye circles.

Q: Will consuming foods prepared in butter trigger acne? What about chocolate?

christmas foodA: You will find virtually no conclusive links between diet and acne. You’ll find a lot of misconceptions, but simply no proof that butter or chocolate leads directly to acne. Scientific studies to look at acne and diet are quite challenging and costly to carry out. In the past, studies have found that diets rich in carbs lead to serious acne breakouts, and one new controversial study indicated that dairy might aggravate acne. The advice to patients is always to eat a healthy, balanced diet. There’s simply not sufficient information to definitely link any kind of diet regime to acne problems.

Q: Will drinking alcohol dry out skin? What is the ideal beverage to have at a holiday get together?

A: In the short term, it is very unlikely for liquor to have an effect on the moisture content of your skin. Alcohol has been demonstrated to worsen acne rosacea, making a person’s skin become flushed and reddish quite easily. With regard to your skin, there really is no “best” alcoholic beverage to drink. Small amounts of alcohol is the key. Should you have rosacea, you need to altogether stay clear of alcohol.

Q: Can cranberries help make skin brighter?

A: Eating cranberries solely around the holidays won’t boost the colour of your skin. Yes, cranberries contain several antioxidants. There are numerous products that include cranberry extracts that can be applied topically to your skin, and you might observe an improvement in your skin following extended treatment. Sadly, no scientific studies have found a gain from consuming cranberries. Sweet potatoes are one more food chock-full of antioxidants, but the probable gains come from applying products with antioxidants regularly to your skin, not eating a couple of servings of them around the holiday season.

Q: Are there any other tactics to boost skin all through the fall?

A: During this time of year in Northern Texas, the humidity falls, and many people turn on their heaters. As a result, there’s much less moisture in the air, and our skin has a tendency to become drier. To stop this, the key is always to make use of a mild, moisturizing soap. Also, it’s really important to use a moisturizing lotion routinely at the same time to preserve your skin’s moisture.

Q: How can I look more youthful by Christmas?

A: Improving your skin is a routine that takes time and commitment. The key to maintaining youthful-looking skin is frequent sunscreen use. Even in the fall and winter, we still have to shield ourselves from the sun. Use a daily moisturizer with a sun block that has a SPF of no less than 30. If you’re going to be out in the sun for a prolonged period, you should apply a regular sunscreen every couple of hours.