Acne Laser Skin Treatment

Which Type of Skin Responds Best to Acne Laser Surgery?

People who suffer from the problem of acne often wonder whether there is some solutions available to cure the problem and leave their skin blemish less all over again. Thankfully, for such people acne laser surgery is proving to be a blessing in disguise. Here is a treatment, which helps greatly in acne removal for most people. However, it must be understood that some skin types may not be suitable for such treatment. This is a decision that can be taken only by a dermatologist attending the patient.

People facing the problem of acne are strongly advised to see a dermatologist before they take any decision about getting treatment. Acne is an infection, which needs to be thoroughly evaluated before any procedure is carried out on the affected parts of the skin. It would be impossible for the patient to decide what kind of treatment should be applied on their skin. The dermatologist, being a qualified person would be in a better position to evaluate their skins and give them an analysis about whether they are suitable for the treatment or not.

acne laser skin treatmentPeople suffering from this infection usually have regular or sensitive skins. The treatment provided by the doctor will depend on the skin type of the patient. It cannot be taken for granted that a single laser is capable of treating every person. The decision about using acne surgery procedure on a particular skin type will be made by the doctor attending to the patient. However, failures in plenty have not been recorded. Therefore, it can be assumed that most skin types respond well to acne procedure.

Acne laser skin treatment helps to remove acne scars by allowing new skin to grow in the place of the scar leaving the skin looking fresh and clean once more

It is quite possible that the doctor will take some extra time to treat patients with sensitive skin with acne laser surgery. The main reason behind such an action would be to make the patient feel comfortable and not aggravate the skin in any manner. Such patients will be required to attend more sessions before they can call themselves completely free from any acne blemishes. On the other hand, patients with regular skin could find the going a lot easier. Performing acne surgery on a regular skin is far easier than doing it on sensitive skin. Such patients could find the treatment faster and end up happier than people end with sensitive skin end. The costs they incur will also be lower.

It is therefore essential that people looking for acne laser surgery get their skin evaluated by a qualified dermatologist before they actually go in for the treatment. …Resources

Best Acne Scar Treatment To Get Rid Of Your Scars

Choosing the best method for your acne scars or for that matter any scar that you want to remove is a difficult one. The cosmetic industry as well medical world are awash with all sorts of products and remedies claiming to be the best acne scar treatment option available. In the midst of all these, you need to settle down, critically analyze them and decide which will work best for you.

Before you can proceed further you must remember that any scar removal options must take the following factors into account while treating it.

  • Your age
  • Type of your skin
  • Type of scar
  • Your ethnic race
  • The extent of scarring

Most people do not find the best acne scar treatment for their skin type until they have spent quite some time and money experimenting. However, some people find the best option at first try. Also, note that the treatment option that works for me might not be the best for you. Thus, for efficiency purposes and to save costs, try things out gradually in this format:

  • Prevent active acne from forming. This is a most important step. Eat healthy, exercise regularly and detoxify your system.
  • Try out natural and home acne scar treatment options. They are effective, less expensive and can be found almost everywhere.
  • See a dermatologist for expert advice or advanced treatments like micro-dermabrasions, laser resurfacing or may be punch grafting or subcision methods for acne scar removal. Steroid or saline injections, silicone sheeting, chemical peels and needling are other clinical yet non surgical options. These should be taken as a last option, because they are pretty expensive techniques.

But you feel scarred of all these scar removal procedures; you can try natural products with equally good result. The most effective scar treatment actually should start right after your skin has healed. Old acne scars can also be treated with natural products. But if you are well-informed, you need not make yourself a guinea pig and spend a fortune. Recently I found this e-book which tells of scar removal ways that are medically approved, safe for your skin and also based on natural ingredients. …Resources

Extreme Methods To Cure Bad Acne

The most common methods to get rid of acne are to use lotions and astringents, to wash correctly and lastly to eat properly.. Well for those (like I was) these simple methods may not be at all good enough to treat your acne problems. If your acne problems are very severe then you may need to consult with a dermatologist to try these for more invasive and advanced acne treatments. The most popular and effective treatments for this severe acne are chemical peels, drainage, and light therapy

A Dermatologist can analyze your skin, your prior acne treatment methods and can try other methods to help clear acne. These treatments can not be done at home and need to be performed by a dermatologist. Trying these at home can lead to infection, worsening of the acne and scarring.

Chemical Peels – This is the only treatment that you can do without the help of a dermatologist but instead can go to a spa or other beauty type place. Light chemical peels of glycolic acid and other chemical agents are used to loosen blackheads and decrease acne papules. The great side effect of a chemical peel is that it will give your face a nice clean and fresh look. Never do a chemical peel at home as it can burn your skin veery badly if done incorrectly.

Drainage and Surgical Extraction – Do not get turned off by the terminology, this type of “surgery” is simple, effective and done in a dentists office. When large cysts do not respond to medication they may require drainage. Drainage and extraction, which is also called “acne surgery” is simply a method to get the pus and infection out by injecting and then allowing the acne to drain itself. This will reduce the pain associated with your cysts and it will stop the possibility of scarring.

Acne laser skin treatments are of two types – ablative and non-ablative laser treatments. In the case of non-ablative treatment, high intensity light is used to remove the spots left by acne. When light gets absorbed into the skin acne scars are removed as new collagen is produced

Phototherapy – I am not sure how well this worked for me but I used a suntan type booth years back that was supposed to help my skin. This is like using a suntan bed and many people like using this as it gives you a chance to get some color. Several laser and light treatments are available to treat acne. Some of these laser and light treatments target only one factor that causes acne, that is the acne bacteria itself..

Advantages to laser and light treatments include not having to remember to apply or take any medication and the ability to treat hard-to-reach areas, such as the back. However, laser and light treatments can be quite expensive, and I am not sure how I feel about the effectiveness when I used it.

Scarring is another reason to use light therapy. Over the last several years lasers have become a great way to treat acne scars.

These methods are very invasive and sometimes are a little more than you may need. Some people can easily get away with some advanced methods for example orally taking antibiotics like tetracycline and even Accutane. …Resources


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