Blackheads and Whiteheads 101 – The Best Treatments For These Top Two Skin Offenders Revealed!

nose whiteheadIf you are suffering from acne, then you have a regular breakout of whiteheads. Make sure you read this article now to understand the secret facts about whiteheads and blackheads, and most importantly, learn how you can get rid of them quickly and naturally.


The formation of blackheads, also better known as comedones, is the first phase of the formation of acne. You might not know this, but tiny and almost invisible blackheads exist in the most perfect skin. To see them, you will need to use a high power magnifying glass.

Many individuals who suffer from acne get highly visible blackheads that are very visible to the naked eyes on the T-zone, cheeks and upper back. As you know, blackheads do not make a pretty scene.

Many years ago, the black dots of blackheads were thought to be composed of dirt and acne was supposed to occur to people who did not wash their faces enough everyday.

Treatments Options for Blackheads:

  1. Alpha Hydroxy Acid or salicylic products are gentle and effective.
  2. Tip: Avoid squeezing out your blackheads to prevent unnecessary redness and scarring. Chances are after squeezing out the blackheads, you will see new ones coming out in a matter of a few days.
  3. A good and suitable skin care has to be done everyday to prevent your blackheads from becoming whiteheads.


Whiteheads form in narrow pores where the content of the pore is blocked inside. Whiteheads look like spots with white top under the skin. Many people attempt to squeeze the whiteheads out on the first sight. This results in increased inflammation and can lead to scarring

Treatment Options for Whiteheads:

  1. Topical anti-inflammatory solution. Fighting off inflammation is very important since whiteheads can worsen and turn into papules, which is a more severe form of acne.
  2. Tea Tree Oil

The General Guidelines for Treating All Kinds of Acne

I have found that a certain set of guidelines apply to all kinds of acne. If you follow these tips, chances are you will be able to zap all kinds of acne, including both whiteheads and blackheads.

  • Control your daily stress level to prevent excess production of sebum.
  • Promote good bowel health to prevent your body from using the skin as a channel for disposing toxic waste.
  • Eat in more fruits and vegetables as these contain high amounts of nutrients that are absolutely vital for a clear acne-free skin.


How to Clear Whiteheads

Whiteheads are developed when dead skin builds up while mixing with dirt or grime to form a small bump that is under your skin. It’s called a whitehead because you can see a tiny lump of head, the size of a needle tip or smaller.

Getting rid of whiteheads is pretty easy to do. You can use a special extractor spoon which allows you to press the skin surrounding the whitehead in order to force the whitehead to ‘pop’ and thus spewing all the stuff outside of your skin surface.

squeezing whiteheadsSometimes you’ll see pus and blood (if you’re unlucky) so do make sure that your face and hands are completely clean before you begin popping your whitehead. Wash your skin with an antibacterial soap.

For additional whitehead extraction, steam your face by putting your face above a bowl of hot or boiling water. This helps to open up your pores and makes the extraction process much easier and you won’t have to strain so much just to get the whitehead out.

Also, to prevent possible scarring, I highly recommend that you treat your skin with some Vitamin E cream or aloe vera gel to calm it down. If you notice that you have a dark spot after a few days, don’t worry.. you just need to treat that area with some extra care.

Start by scrubbing that part of your skin with a facial scrub and then exfoliate by applying a spot glycolic acid gel or facial. This will definitely renew your skin and make sure your whitehead does no permanent damage to your skin.

One extra note of advice. You don’t need to pop your whitehead if it isn’t ripe. You want to damage your skin as little as possible so only extract it if it is rather large or prominent on your skin. …Resource

Home Remedies For Whiteheads

Anyone can experience whiteheads irrespective of age and size. A different name for whiteheads is comedones. Whiteheads build up almost the same way as acne and the two shares a lot of resemblances even in their treatment procedures. This skin ailment is initiated by too much cellular exfoliation that results in the clogging of the follicles.

Exactly like its counterpart skin disorders (acne and pimples), whiteheads can be prevented or cured through the use of kinds of treatments, which includes some home/natural remedies.

Home Remedies for Whiteheads to Discover

To help avoid or get rid of whiteheads, you should drink a lot of water. Water also acts as a detoxifier and so assists you to stay healthy and your skin rejuvenated.

You should also consume a lot of fruits and vegetables to help you detoxify your body and prevent the development of bacteria that can trigger whitehead outbreak.

A mixture of sandalwood and water can greatly assist in dealing with whiteheads. Apply the paste on the afflicted areas and rinse off with warm water after few minutes.

Whiteheads are fully blocked pores and they are harder to remove than blackheads because of one main reason, they are embedded deeper in our skin or pores. Never ever squeeze your whiteheads or blackheads with your hands

Crush and combine fresh fenugreek leaves with water and apply to your face while letting it stay all night. Wash off with warm water the following day and enjoy the good effect it will leave on your whiteheads. This home remedy is also effective for treating blackheads, pimples and wrinkles.

A paste of vinegar and cornstarch is also successful in getting rid of whiteheads. Use it on the afflicted areas and leave if for fifteen minutes or even more before washing. Use washcloth and warm water to wash it off.

Prepare a home cleansing lotion using 50 ml of uncooked milk mixed with a pinch of salt and lime juice (2 teaspoonfuls). This can serve as a heavy cleanser as it penetrates your pores to keep it clean and prevent whiteheads from developing.

Combine roasted and powder pomegranate with water and add fresh lime juice to the paste. Use over the afflicted areas to help you get rid of blackheads.

Steaming your face from time to time will also help in getting rid of whiteheads and related skin conditions. While you apply steam to your face, be careful not to burn yourself. Allow the steaming to stay on for around 3 minutes, then prick the tip of the whiteheads(which is now soft because of the steaming) with a sterilized clean needle and press the content out using your 2 fingers

A combination of beauty grains and skin tonic, applied to the areas afflicted with whiteheads, can produce a substantial positive result. However, this combination is commercially available, but you can get a richer and more natural mixture when it’s homemade.

These home remedies can be very effective in getting rid of whiteheads. …Resource


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