The Latest Acne Treatment You Might Want To Look At

When you have acne and don’t respond to the conventional treatments of prescription creams and antibiotics, acne light therapy could be the remedy to suit your needs. There can be many questions concerning this relatively new therapy.

1. Why use this form of therapy over conventional methods?

Light-based therapies access deeper levels of skin with no damage to the skin’s surface. Some of these treatments damage the oil glands, causing them to create a lesser amount of oil. Others target the microorganisms that induce the inflammation of acne breakouts.

2. What things can light therapy for pimples do for scarring?

Light therapy is known to lower the visual aspect of scarring and boost skin texture. The laser removes the top layer of skin and warms up the lower layer. The moment the wound heals, new skin forms. After several treatments, acne scars will be less detectable since they’re covered with new skin. You will need to be realistic concerning achievable outcomes from this treatment and never assume that scars will disappear entirely.

3. Is there more than one form of light treatment?

Certainly, there are numerous alternatives and each is noted for certain benefits.

Blue-light – Acne that’s bacteria-based might respond to this low-intensity blue light. The procedure is pain-free and generally carried out in several sessions. Recurring treatment is necessary because this form of acne is often very active.

Pulsed light and heat energy – With no damage to surface skin, this pulsed light therapy can destroy the oil glands in the middle layer of skin. This kind of therapy can be painful however the pain can be lessened via numbing ointments applied prior to when the treatment commences.

Photodynamic therapy – Medication is initially put on your skin which will help this treatment to be effective. Then a series of blue, red and pulsed lights are used to attack oil glands.

Photopneumatic therapy – Specific areas are treated with blue and red light which eliminate the bacteria that can cause pimples. Then a vacuum is used to suction out the oil and dead skin cells.

4. Exactly what are the unwanted effects of light therapy?

When thinking about health tips, the negative effects that you may deal with must be a part of your consideration. Side effects differ with the treatment method picked. Potential side effects consist of short-term inflammation and dry skin, short-term crusting or swelling and acne flare-ups.

5. What are the downsides to light therapy for acne treatment?

First of all, most insurance coverages will not cover this sort of therapy and treatments can be very costly. Additionally, the long term negative effects of light therapy haven’t been recognized because this is a relatively new treatment.

This particular treatment option is quite new, however is demonstrating a lot of promise. If you happen to be having difficulties with acne breakouts be sure to check out light therapy as it may well be the best choice for you.